Fees 2021

What are the costs for counselling, psychotherapy & EMDR?

Charging for therapy is a delicate matter and the cost can sometimes feel overwhelming for some, or appear too small for others. I experimented over the years with fee structures and what I noticed is that those who value their own wellbeing are more likely to benefit from therapy. Investment and commitment in your therapy is a positive sign and will create better therapeutic outcomes. My prices are adjusted annually and below is my fee structure for 2021.

First Contact:

The first contact over phone is free and for us both to get to know each other. My aim is to get a sense for what may be going on for you so I understand whether I can help you. During this call we agree on a day and time for a first introductory session. During the introductory session we will also discuss my pricing and billing to determine what suits you best.

  •  Initial Phone Consultation (15 min): free
  •  Introductory Session: £70 or £100

Open Ended:

Psychotherapy, EMDR & Intimate Partners/Couples

There are several factors that influence the cost of therapy, and therefore I need to find out first about your circumstances and what you need. The more admin I have, the higher the cost. Here are a few examples:

Week by Week Invoicing

£80 (50 min) or £100 (70 min)

Advance Booking 5 Sessions

£70 (50 min) or £90 (70 min)

Advance Booking 8 Sessions

only available for clients who meet twice or more weekly
£60 (50 min) or £80 (70 min)

Time Limited:

Counselling & Intimate Partners/Couples

Ad Hoc Session by Session Booking

Ad hoc session-by-session bookings cause the highest form of admin for me since I have to manage bookings, personal information and invoicing at times of need. This increases the fee due to the extra time needed.
£100 (50 min) or £150 (70 min)


How do I pay for my sessions?
Via invoice and UK bank transfer.

Can I cancel my session?
Sessions can be cancelled 3 days in advance at no extra cost. Otherwise the full fee is charged.

How often do we have to meet?
For therapy to be most effective, a weekly routine is essential. Some clients appreciate to meet more frequently (e.g. twice a week), whereas others prefer an AdHoc agreement. We will discuss the frequency in our first few sessions to find out what suits you best.

When do I need extended sessions?
Extended sessions are beneficial for EMDR and couples. During our introductory session I will explain when they may be needed.

Do you offer concessions?
I offer temporary concessions to longterm clients who are committed to their therapy when they experience financial hardship. Here is a list of affordable counselling services in the UK.

Do you accept my private health insurance?
I don’t work with health insurance companies due to the extra admin burden. However, some international insurances may cover parts of your bill which you need to reclaim from them. You need to let your insurance know that I am accredited as a full clinical member of the UKCP to check if they will reimburse my invoices to you.

I started working with you in 2020. Will my fees change as well?
All contractually agreed fees before 2021 will remain intakt until we formally end therapy.